October 18, 2007

Hunter To The NL East?

From Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (network member):

I don't understand when big name players, who can go anywhere decide to go to awful teams. I would think their competitiveness would out weigh their greed or alternative motives. Last year despite saying he didn't want to be viewed as greedy Barry Zito went to an awful Giants team and Gil Meche signed with the Royals despite teams throwing money at starters. Now theirs a report that Tori Hunter maybe interested in signing with the Nationals or Braves. Neither team is going to be the top bidder and Washington isn't close to being competitive. Hunter sites a close relationship with Dimitri Young and wanting to play in a community with a large African-American population as his motivation.How about we sign Hunter, let him and Beltran play rock, paper, scissors over center field daily and tell Alou to hold the foul line.In all seriousness if the Braves get him Omar better come big this off season because their going to have a great line-up.

"I always talk to my wife about being interested in playing in front of the African-American fans and trying to get the African Americans back to playing the game," he said. "If I go to Atlanta or D.C. and make a difference that way, I would love it. Trust me -- D.C. is very interesting to me as well as Atlanta." source MLB.com


Anonymous said...

that sure would suck if he went to ATL

Anonymous said...

why not come to NYC and play for all the 50 cents here

Anonymous said...

lets do it omar...get on the phones

Anonymous said...

let him go to washington to playwhere he cant make much of a difference like soriano did