October 01, 2007

Is Santana Going To Be Traded?

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the Twins are getting some calls as to players that other teams are willing to give up for Santana. The Implied teams that MLBTR sees as some of the only teams that could match up with the Twins in a deal are the Yankees, Red Sox and the Mets.

If this rumor does turn out to be true and the bidding war does begin, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of big name prospects from the Mets being thrown into the hat to try and pull off a deal to bring Santana to Queens.

Omar could see this as a great way to help the fans get over the demoralizing collapse of this season by putting up some “untouchables” in the hunt for one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history.

So with that said, I am going to attempt to put together a package of players that I feel could be appealing to the Twins.

The Mets could package together a trade of Lastings Milledge, Fernando Martinez, Philip Humber, Mike Carp and Kevin Mulvey. This is a formidable package for any team to put up for a trade. The only thing I can foresee going wrong with this is that any other team could put up a future ace to combat the Mets offer.

Time will obviously tell if Santana even gets traded, but one thing is for certain. This off season is going to be filled with movement and shouldn’t let us baseball fans down.


Anonymous said...

they would probably want pelfrey too

Anonymous said...

that seems like an aughful lot to give up...even for santana

Anonymous said...

in a heart beat, i would do it

Anonymous said...

go for it omar!!!