October 01, 2007

Let the Interrogations Begin

Now that the season has officially ended with the worst collapse in Major League history, the Mets are faced with a plethora of questions they need to answer.

As a life long Met fan, I know that these players always find new and exciting ways to break our hearts, but this took disappointment to a whole new level. I felt ashamed for Tom Glavine on the mound yesterday and for the offense that forced (I don’t know how) Dontrell Willis out of the game in the third inning after only giving up one run and still couldn’t score anything but one run. They loaded the bases on two separate occasions to see the ball fall just short.

I don’t know how to sum up this season and hopefully the Wilpon’s (Fred and Jeff) will take a good hard look at their team and come to some sort of conclusion as to how this problem can be rectified.

First thing is to find out where the blame rests.

Does Willie deserve all of the blame for the collapse? No, but he does deserve seven of the eight slices of blame. His even keel was a great reassurance when the team was winning, but when they started the slide that would end them, Willie still kept to his guns of seeming to be sedated at all times. Some can argue that this was the reason for the Mets not coming out with a fire and made them into a domesticated dog.

The only thing left is for Omar and the Wilpon’s to decide his fate. And if one were to ask me, I would have to say that this outcome is unacceptable and, regrettably, Willie should be let go of his managerial responsibilities to the Mets.

Does Rick Peterson deserve to be blamed? Absolutely, the Guru does. His bullpen was abysmal all year and for some unknown reason he was unable to right the ship of John Maine in the second half. But does he deserve to be fired over this pitching collapse? No he doesn’t. Peterson could only accomplish his goals with what he was given. Unlike Willie, which was given the best line up in the National League, Peterson doesn’t have the ultimate decision for who comes out of the bullpen at what times ultimately fall on the shoulders of Willie Randolph.

Do the Mets conduct a house cleaning? In my eyes they have no other choice but to part with certain players and try to wash their hands of this abysmal season. Now I’m sorry if I offend anybody’s believes that some or all of the players that I name to be let go or traded, I apologize. However, this is, I feel, the only way to move on past this point.

From the bullpen:
Guillermo Mota
Aaron Sele
Aaron Heilman
Dave Williams

The rest of the bullpen has too big of a contract or is, in my eyes, deserving of staying on the team.

From the starting pitching:
Tom Glavine

From the position players:
Carlos Delgado*
Shawn Green
Jeff Conine
Jose Valentin
Damion Easley
David Newhan

Delgado has a lot of money riding on his 2008 season and I don’t personally see the Mets being able to move him without assuming a large portion of his contract in the process and I just can’t see the Wilpon’s doing such a thing.

Hopefully from this group of players the Mets can try and put this season behind them and move further towards another World Series Championship in 2008.


Anonymous said...

im torn between letting willie go or not

Anonymous said...

peterson has some answers to give on his pen

Anonymous said...

why heilman?

Anonymous said...

heilman wants to go so the mets should just let him try to be a starter somewhere else

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