October 17, 2007

Met Needs

At MLB Trade Rumors they write about the Mets and their needs going into the off season:

A starting pitcher is a must, as no one in the '08 rotation pitched 200 innings. Glavine is OK, but he already declined a $13MM option to stay. He's probably not worth much more than $10MM. I think the goal is a big, grand starting pitcher acquisition like Johan Santana. I imagine Milledge, Maine, or Gomez would have to be part of such a deal, and the Mets would require a window for an extension.

A solid alternative would be to sign Curt Schilling, though that is a fairly brittle rotation. I'm recommending Schilling for a lot of teams, because he's still effective and comes on a one-year deal. Not too many guys fit that description (Clemens might be the other, but I don't like him for the Mets). Otherwise, it's the usual suspects from the free agent market. And we've discussed the trade candidates many times before: Garland, Blanton, Lowry, Willis, Burnett, Igawa, Robertson. Can't see the Astros making Oswalt available.

To see the entire list of needs use this link.


Anonymous said...

Schilling??? why

Anonymous said...

good inning eater but he is old!

Anonymous said...

definitly need pitching