October 03, 2007

My Two Cents On Olney's Plan For The Mets

Recently there have been a lot of rumors regarding the fate of Jose Reyes and Buster Olney at ESPN they say that the Mets should include him in a package deal to obtain Johan Santana from the Twins.

This is an absolute ridiculous notion to even consider thinking about. This is the kind of trade that is a tear down of the core of the Mets future. Only because of his terrible last six weeks of the season is anyone even breathing in the direction of this being a, sort of, good deal to be made.

The Mets would be losing such a commodity that there would be numerous ramifications to be felt for seasons to come. First of all they would lose their lead off hitter and the mets don’t have anyone that could even come close to replacing Reyes. Second of all they would lose that threat on the base paths that has won them numerous games over the course of the season and on top of all that the y would be losing a potential Golden Glove player and two time All-Star in the process.

Now I fully understand that Johan Santana is without a doubt the best lefty in this day in age and is one of the best starters in the game, however that doesn’t mean that the Mets should trade away Carlos Gomez, Mike Pelfrey and Jose Reyes to obtain him for what would seem like only a year if the Mets fail to resign him.

That is a blow to the Mets team and a major blow to their farm system that just isn’t worth the price.


Anonymous said...

olney must be on crack to dream this one up

Anonymous said...

REYES? is he for real

Anonymous said...

although it is santana i still wouldnt approve this one

Anonymous said...

thats just crazy talk