October 29, 2007

The Three Blockbuster Deals

Howard Megdal at The New York Observer writes about the three deals that the Mets should go through with to heelp forget about this past season:

Move One: trade for Johan Santana.

He is unquestionably the best pitcher of the past four seasons. He doesn’t turn 29 until March of 2008. His contract is up following the 2008 season, and it is highly unlikely that Minnesota can afford him. The Twins might well take their chances on one more run with Santana before he hits the free agent market.

If they don’t, the Mets would be in position to trade for him. Few teams could offer the major league-ready talent of Lastings Milledge, who could take over for free agent Torii Hunter in center field, Ruben Gotay, who could play second for the Twins, Mike Pelfrey and Philip Humber, who would both challenge for rotation spots. If those four aren’t enough, include Carlos Gomez.

Move Two: sign Alex Rodriguez, move David Wright to second base.

Rodriguez is unquestionably the best player in baseball this season. And he is a 3-for-20 ALDS away from being run out of the Bronx. He was raised a Mets fan, and the Mets have more money than virtually anyone else besides the Yankees. David Wright is even on record saying he’d change positions to accommodate A-Rod.

If it calls for $30 million a year for eight years, take that extra revenue from the playoff appearances it all but guarantees and put that towards his salary. The revenue generated as Rodriguez chases Bonds won’t hurt the Mets, either.

Move three: Sign Jorge Posada.

How much better has Jorge Posada been than Paul Lo Duca this season? His on base percentage is 115 points higher. His slugging percentage is 165 points higher. The distance between Posada and Lo Duca offensively is roughly the same as the distance between Lo Duca and Orlando Hernandez.

Posada was unhappy with the Yankees’ decision to try and negotiate with Alex Rodriguez in-season, but not with him. None of the typical “I want to be a Yankee” statements from Jorge—he’s ready to test the market.

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Anonymous said...

as those are all good options, i just dont see the mets giving away their farm for santana and i dont see a-rod going cross town to get booed by a different set of new york fans.

Anonymous said...

those deals would make us unstoppable

Anonymous said...

i dont think its such a good deal to trade the farm away even for santana

Rickey Henderson said...
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Rickey Henderson said...

P.S.: for the love of god, take that freaking magic number widget down from this blog. Seeing that when I log in is a serious kick to the balls.

John Young said...

no cursing will be allowed on this site in the articles or in the comments.