November 01, 2007

Should Mets Shell Out for Schilling

We've been here before- taking a Red Sox former Ace and signing him right after the Sox won the Series! Of course, regardless of health issues, the signing of Pedro was the first step in restoring the franchise to respectability. With Tom Glavine's return 50/50 at BEST, perhaps Omar should, indeed explore what it would take to sign Curt Schilling, he of the controversial blog and the many charitable causes. His ERA wasn't bad, and 10 of the 20 homers hit off of him were by the Yankees, in the A.L. He could give us 175+ innings, and is enough of a competitor that, when healthy, can take the ball every fifth day and make something interesting happen. He shouldn't cost more than $10 mil per, and would probably accept a 1-year contract with an option for a second, which we probably wouldn't pick up. He'd certainly be an adequate 4th starter, and his presence would allow either/or Humber and Pelfrey to ease in to the rotation over the course of the year with less pressure, and moves O-Hern to the bullpen.

What do you think of Schilling as a stop-gap? Let us know!

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Anonymous said...

like joe and evan said yesterday on the fan, Curt is a gamer and never backs down from a big spot. i say go for him