November 20, 2007

Could Haren Be Traded To The Mets?

Matthew Pouliot at Rotoworld writes about the off season trade candidates and where he thinks they will end up. The one that caught my eye was Dan Haren to the Mets for Lastings Milledge, Fernando Martinez and Aaron Heilman:

Dan Haren, Joe Blanton, Rich Harden (Athletics) - If the A's decide to rebuild, they'll trade at least one and probably two starters, with Chad Gaudin also a possibility to go. Haren, the AL ERA leader for much of last year, would command the highest price tag. He'll earn just $16.25 million over the next three seasons. Blanton is arbitration eligible for the first time and is under control for three more years. It's likely that he'll make $3.5 million-$4 million next year. Harden is set to earn $4.5 million in 2008. There's a 2009 option on his contract worth $7 million, but if he gets hurt again, that can be declined and he'd have to settle for less in arbitration. He'll then be a free agent after 2009. Since he's pitched just 72 innings the last two years, Harden is the best bet to stay.


1)Haren to Mets for OF Lastings Milledge, OF Fernando Martinez & RHP Aaron Heilman
2)Haren to Dodgers for OF Matt Kemp, 3B Andy LaRoche & RHP James McDonald 3)Haren to D'Backs for 1B Conor Jackson, OF Carlos Gonzalez & RHP Dustin Nippert
4)Blanton to Mets for OF Lastings Milledge & RHP Aaron Heilman
5)Blanton to Dodgers for OF Matt Kemp
6)Blanton to Phillies for 2B Adrian Cardenas, LHP J.A. Happ & RHP Joe Bisenius
7)Harden to Red Sox for INF Jed Lowrie, RHP Michael Bowden & LHP Hunter Jones

Prediction - Haren traded to Mets, Others stay

To view the entire report use thislink (Rotoworld)


Anonymous said...

that would be huge to get him

Anonymous said...

can i start praying now

Anonymous said...

it didnt happen every other timethey tried to do it so why would it happen now???

Anonymous said...

still they have to investigate it

Zach said...

I would hate to see L Millz go. I hated hearing how he 'fired up' the Marlins for the last game of the season. Give me a break. Have some pride Mets fans: we should piss other teams off, then best the crap out of them the next day. I'd rather have his attidtide than Glavine's: now it comes out that Tommy Shoeshine was upset that day because he couyldn't attend his son's birthday party or something like that. (Dude: You're being paid 10 million dollars, please take your career seriously).

All that being said... For Haren, this would be a NO-BRAINER. In fact, I'm pretty sure Oakland wouldn't do it. Heilman has sore elbow problems, gives up a lot of big hits in clutch situations, and ends up throwing far too many pitches for a reliever: batters seem to foul off a ton of pitches off him, and he ends up throwing 25 pitches even in his good innings. I would've liked to have seen him start, but I guess Mets brass knows something I don't. Anyway, F Martinez isn't tearing it up in the minors or anything like that. So basically Lastings will be the only player you can really regret losing, but (1) at least we won't have to hear people getting on the guy for character issues, which is retarded. I generally hate people who always talk about racism, so I was surprised to find myself in their camp last season: give the poor kid a break; he seems like a good guy. (2) He didn't hit for power, so even if he becomes a consistent ,300 hitter, which I expect, he probably won't be putting up huge MVP type numbers, at least you cant expect that from him, I'd say. In other words, it's not like youre trading a guy who has a good shot of being the next Barry Bonds.

And Haren is an amzing pitcher. And young.