November 20, 2007

Is There Something Missing On The Bench?

Over at the Gotham Baseball Forum, screen name Not4Nuttin writes the following about the Mets bench:

The Mets will likely carry 5 or 6 players on the bench this year, and 11 or 12 pitchers. Last year, I believe (but someone correct me if I'm wrong), they carried 12 relievers for most of the year and only 5 bench players. As it stands now, assuming Castro is not a starter, we have 3 bench players that are locked in for next season, and a 4th(Endy) who is a virtual lock:

C Ramon Castro $2,300,000
INF/Util Damon Easley $950,000
INF/Util Marlon Anderson $1,050,000
OF Endy Chavez $2,750,000 (salary is an estimate)

That leaves one spot open assuming they carry 12 pitchers. And, I'd assume it will be Ruben Gotay (at about $480,000, again an estimate), as we need someone who can fill in at SS and 3B. It strikes me as a bit weird that we'll be carrying 3 natural 2B on the bench in Anderson, Easley and Gotay, but that seems the route we are going to go. Of course, Easley and Anderson can also play the corner OF spots (with Anderson even playing a little CF the past few years), and each can also play 1B, and possible 3B and Easley can even apparently play some SS as well (having played a decent number of games at SS each of the past several years, except last year).

But doesn't it seem a bit odd going with a bench like this? I like the bench, but it feels like we are missing a key piece. Is it foolish to think that Gotay will be the last piece, or will the Mets exile him back to AAA and have some other veteran bat for the bench? I hope not. Its just that looking at this bench, it seems like something is missing.


Anonymous said...

if you change marlon anderson to also accomidate for the outfield then the bench is complete

Anonymous said...

the only one that i can see as missing is lastings milledge but he figures to be the starting RF next season

Anonymous said...

nope...nothing missing...its all good