November 27, 2007

The Josh Hamilton Idea

Over at Mets Geek 7 Train to Maine (Screen Name) writes about the Mets needs and how he would fix them (Dan Haren and Josh Hamilton). There's an interesting trade idea in there that I don't think anyone has thought of yet. I think we all have had our fill of Haren trade ideas, so I will just throw the Hamilton one at you:

Mike Pelfrey and Bobby Parnell/Willie Collazo for Josh Hamilton

The second trade might have shocked you guys a bit. Josh Hamilton is on the market and its not secret. The Reds have a surplus of outfielders (Nick Hopper, Griffey Jr, Adam Dunn, Josh Hamilton, Freel) and in addition to those currently on the roster, the Reds have both Jay Bruce and Joey Votto as top outfield prospects. Joey Votto has moved to first base and has played at 1st for most of the 2007 campaign so he shouldn’t be a real factor. Jay Bruce on the other hand is a 3rd baseman but is currently displaced by the young Edwin Encarnacion. The Reds have been shopping around Ryan Freel and Josh Hamilton seeing what they could get. I cant see the Reds trading a valuable utility player like Freel. Those players are hard to come around nowadays. Josh Hamilton is the perfect option for the hole Mets will have in right. Hes moved on from his previous problems and has lived up to the talent that got him drafted number 1 overall. The guy hit 19 homers in just under 300 at bats and showed great patience with an OBP of .368. His OPS was over .900 which is great. He first needs to play a full season but he showed a lot of promise in Cincy. Hes a good defender and his home and away numbers don’t differ by much.


Anonymous said...

you know what? that is a great idea

Anonymous said...

holy **** that would be awsome if omar could pull those tw deals off

Anonymous said...

why hasnt anyone thought of thisyet????