November 27, 2007

Minaya Has Set The Plate

John Delcos at Lo Hud writes about the way that Omar Minaya has set himself up for the upcoming Winter Meetings:

GM Omar Minaya doesn’t seem to be as busy as he was the last two winters, but if you look at the composition of the team you’ll note most of the holes are filled.

There is no significant drop-off in dealing with the position players. He’s cleared the way to work on the rotation and bullpen. The latter, by the way, was helped by dumping Guillermo Mota.

GMs want to go to the Winter Meetings with a plan and not much on their plates. Minaya has done that. Next up is to get Danny Haren.


Anonymous said...

i guess i never saw it like that

Anonymous said...

well he has until the end of the winter meetings to convince me that he is stil ontopof things