November 08, 2007

Please No Silva

From Kyle at Mets Prospects (Network Member):

The Mets need to get better in pitching this offseason and one name that has been thrown out is free agent Carlos Silva, formerly on the Minnesota Twins. Silva is the considered by most the best young pitcher on the market and is looking at a deal like Gil Meche’s for 4 years and roughly 40 to 60 million.

The Venezuelan born Silva has yet to pitch well in the majors. In 259 games, 125 starts, Silva is 55-46 with a 4.31 era, 395 strikeouts, 171 walks, and has allowed 117 home runs. He gave up 20 homeruns in 33 starts in 2007, 38 homeruns in 31 starts in 2006, and 25 homeruns in 27 starts in 2005. Silva is also a much better pitcher at home than on the road, 3.42 at home and 5.03 on the road.

I do not want the Mets to sign Carlos Silva. He is and will continue to be and end of the rotation pitcher and will just take up the spot of a blooming Mike Pelfrey or Phillip Humber. The Mets don’t need him and it will look like the Mets got cheated when Silva is making 12 million a year and he is a number 5 pitcher or worse, a long reliever in the bullpen. If the Mets really want to be better and improve their pitching staff picking up some overpriced, end of the rotation, crappy pitcher is not the way to go.


Anonymous said...

this has just turned into the day of the twins pitchers

Anonymous said...

it would be nice to seesomething actually happen between the mets and the twins with all of this news comingdown