November 08, 2007

Top Pitching Available?

John Heyman at Sports Illistrated writes about the top Pitchers in baseball and how certain GM's have said that they believe they will be made available:

Mets GM Omar Minaya said in his press briefing on Thursday morning that he now believed top pitchers would be available. Minaya didn't say who he was referring to, but it appears that Marlins star Dontrelle Willis, who struggled badly in 2007 (10-15, 5.17 ERA), may be available as well.

Several competing general managers here said they are awaiting such a scenario and implied that they are ready to pounce on such a rare opportunity to land a clear ace.

Phillies GM Pat Gillick predicted on Thursday in USA Today that Santana "will be traded,'' though Gillick didn't explain how he came to that conclusion. It isn't believed that the Twins have begun taking trade offers yet.


Anonymous said...

they shouldnt concern themselves with those scenarios until they are made apparent

Anonymous said...

just go for those twins pitchers and let it go

Anonymous said...

Willis??? the guy has turned into a bust almost over night