December 07, 2007

Could Heilman Put The Mets Package Above Anyone Elses?

Eric Hz at Fake Teams speculates that the Twins could want Heilman more than anybody else because of the possibility of trading Joe Nathan:

Because no New York baseball can stand being on the outside of any trade specualtion involving the most valuable players in the game, the New York Post and New York Times report the Mets are still in pursuit of the Minnesota Twins' Johan Santana. In the NYP, Joel Sherman and Mark Hale say "There was a sense among rival executives that the Mets had made themselves viable." An AL executive is quoted as saying, "There is a sense that Omar [Minaya] will do something crazy to solve his biggest problem."

Those same executives "portray the Mets as aggressively trying to fill that breach, working diligently to see if they can configure packages to make them overall more attractive than anything else being offered to Minnesota," and one executive believes "Aaron Heilman could be an important piece in a package" because the Twins are expected to deal 2008 free agent closer Joe Nathan if Santana goes and heilman could possibly fill that void.


Anonymous said...

intersting possibility but i just dont see this happening

Anonymous said...

if it is true than the mets have to hold their breath and hope that the twins find a home for nathan

Anonymous said...

i am about done withall of the specuation and just want to see results

Anonymous said...

what do we have to do to get away from this madness