December 05, 2007

Get Ready for Some Baseball Leftovers

It's almost two weeks after Thanksgiving and the Mets are about ready to get some leftovers. The hype surrounding the Mets ability to get a top notch pitcher has quickly faded into oblivion. We started November with dreams of Johann Santana and Dan Haren. We soon switched to visions of Erik Bedard or Dontrelle Willis.

Now we've been woken up from our slumber with the cold breeze of reality. The Mets are going to be stuck with leftovers.

Now nothing is over until its over, but let's be frank, the Mets are getting phased out of every major discussion surrounding a top notch pitcher. The good part about that is the teams we're dealing with are probably wanting one of our core players like Jose Reyes or David Wright, and the Mets are unwilling to part with them. That I can agree with.

The bad part is the Mets are going to try and overcome our shortcomings last year with mediocre arms like Livan Hernandez, Bartolo Colon, or even Freddy Garcia. I hope the Mets don't fool themselves into thinking that's going to suffice.

My hope is that Omar Minaya will plant some seeds for some possible trading deadline moves. Now that we've traded away Lastings Milledge I was thinking we could have just traded him last year along with another player or two and had Barry Zito on our staff. But hindsight is always 20/20.

If we're not getting a top notch starting pitcher, we better have our sights set on some serious bullpen help.


Anonymous said...

and the truth shall set you free

Marty said...

nice post dave, its good to see you around more and your articles

Topchief1 said...

Yeah, but Zito sucked last year. I would rather have Church and Schnieder over Zito. One thing I don't understand is why these teams want crap pitchers for big money. If you acknowledged they are crap, rather then say crap is the best we can do, look into your farm system, and at least develop players who might be crap now, but could be good later rather then burying them for the sake of appeasing your fans,