December 11, 2007

High risk, high reward?

Anthony DiComo, sports writer for, says the Mets might stick with what they got.

With every calendar flip comes the sinking realization that last season's Mets starting rotation, Tom Glavine excluded, will march into Shea next April all but unchanged.

It's become general manager Omar Minaya's job to convince anyone within earshot -- his own team included -- that such a fate might not be so bad. And it's about to become John Maine and Oliver Perez's job to prove him right.

The Mets rotation, as all of you avid Mets fans know, is in need of some revamping. Or does it really? As of now, it looks like Pedro, Maine, Perez, Hernandez, and either Pelfrey or Humber. Pedro looked great in the end of last season when he came back and showed he can take the place of losing Glavine's arm. Of course it would be nicer to have both but since Glavine turned down our option, he showed he did not want to be a Met anymore. Perez and Maine were amazing in the first half of the year, Maine almost started the all-star game. Both need modest era's which they had last year with out ability to produce runs, and they will win games. Both can pitch into the 7th regularly and they is huge with out weak bullpen. Hernandez is still amazing, showing at times to be our best pitcher. Obviously, Hernandez and Pedro are huge injury risks and Perez and Maine are risky for a whole years worth of quality work. For the fifth and final spot, we need one of the two Humber or Pelfrey to step up. Both show signs of very good stuff but both also show some things needed to work on. All five starters in our rotation, even the 6th replacement started, are all risky, but all 6 of them are capable of double digit plus wins with era's lower than 4. That will win us the division easily with our hitters. If necessary, Jorge Sosa can even pitch a couple games, he was great in the beginning. So all of these guys to me show high risk, but high reward. I look at Carlos Silva and Livan Hernandez and just see inning eaters. They will get us to the 8th, but we will be losing by 3, what is that going to do for us. Quantity is not greater than quality. Silva has shown to be nothing spectacular and Hernadez's era is up near 5 over the past two years. Also, his innings have dropped significantly over the past three years, yet sitll above 200. I wish I had 51% say in the Mets, I'd say keep what we got since there aren't any answers in the free agent market. Do I think Omar will do this? I'm not too sure, but I'd stick with high risk high reward than lower risk, lower reward. To close out this argument...why aren't we addressing bullpen. I know there isn't much out there either, but I would take some of the relievers that have been signed.
P.S. not only do we have one guy gunning for us for 19 games in Milledge, now we got someone to support him there in LoDuca. I do not want to see them take games from us instead of win them for us.


Anonymous said...

im gonna freak out if they do stick with that rotation

Anonymous said...

they have to be making it look lke theyarent looking for a pitcher so that way they dont look desperate

rmeli said...

I personally think sticking with this rotation is better than adding Carlos Silva or Livan Hernandez. They have no benefits other to bring to the Mets other than bringing them closer to Wagner. Problem is, if these guys pitch, we won't see Wagner because we will be losing. Also to anonymous 2, I think the Mets already look desperate being in every trade rumor and not making any except ones that cause uproar.