December 10, 2007

A Quick Note (and Link) to an Important Barry Bonds/Steroids Story

Over the weekend, I was at a holiday party and had a chance to speak with my son-in-law's stepfather. We were discussing how the media and the baseball "powers" have treated Barry Bonds as opposed to Mark McGwire and other steroid-cheaters, and before I had a chance to turn our conversation into an article, Howard Bryant over at beat me to the punch. The reality of the situation is, whether or not you think there is a race component to this situation or not, the bottom line is that McGwire was always a "media darling" and Bonds' has been known to be surly with just about everyone he comes into contact with. However, that alone is not enough of an argument- otherwise, why did Eddie Murray get elected into the hall-of-fame, as he stopped speaking to all media shortly after his career began? Anyway, make the conclusion for yourself, but please read Bryant's excellent article. Click this link and it will take you right to the article- and let us know what you think.


Anonymous said...

we just cant get away from him no matter where we turn

Anonymous said...

race had nothing to do with it..its a matter of him lieng on the stand...that is punishable by time in prison end of story

steve said...

Race isn't the issue. Being dishonest to the Grand jury is the Issue. This whole steroid fiasco should just go away. McGuire, Bonds and the other cheaters should stop even thinking about the hall of Fame. They sold their souls to the Devil. They made their millions and gained great fame. The price, is no entry into the Hall of Fame. It's an either or proposition. Pete rose was a great player but chose the dark side. Too Bad so sad. No hall. Bonds needs to stop crying, he got what he wanted. Records, Money, women and Stardom. Just no Hall of Fame.