December 06, 2007

Memo To Omar: Don't Put Perez in Santana Deal!

Dear Omar:

How are you doing, my friend? Remember me? I'm that crazy blogger who has been singing your praises for the past 2 years via this blog, and since the late 90's knew that you were the brains behind Steve Philips regime. I'm also the one who walked right past Spike Lee, in Spring Training 2 seasons ago, to get YOUR autograph, not Spike's (much to his, and your, surprise!) Therefore, I have no problem with asking you the following question, regarding the possible inclusion of Oliver Perez in a potential deal for Johan Santana: ARE YOU CRAZY??!!

I am never going to say that Oliver Perez is in a class with Santana; not yet, probably not ever. However, last season, O-Perez won 15 games and Santana won 15 games; their ERA's were about 0.20 apart; Santana struck out 235 while giving up 33 homers in 219 innings, and Perez struck out 174 while giving up 22 homers in 177 innings; Santana will make approximately $20 million (or more this season), Perez will probably make between $4 and $6 mil; Santana is 29, Perez is 26; finally, Perez and Santana will both be free agents after this season, but Santana will sign a huge deal before hitting the market if he is traded, in the $150 million range, while, hopefully, you will sign Perez to a deal for 4 years, at around $45 million, or a savings of approximately $9 million (at least) per season.

If this was a Perez for Santana deal, straight up, or with one prospect (not named Martinez), this would be a good deal, as Santana is still, after a "down" season by his standards, the best pitcher in the game. However, Omar, you should be very proud of the fact that Mr. Perez continues to improve under your watch, and came via a brilliant trade that you engineered. He may be a bit more "Hyde" than "Jeckyl" at times, but he's still a great #2 man in our rotation and at his age, possesses huge upside. A trade that included Perez, Gomez, Pelfrey and Heilman would be WAY too much for the rights to Santana, and I'd rather see that money pumped into player development, a stop-gap starter like a Carlos Silva (another Twin who would be a good #4/5 starter for about $10 mil per season) and some additional bullpen help! If we can get Santana for prospects and Heilman, great; PLEASE don't thin out our already thin rotation in a starter for starter deal.

There- I've said my peace...and just in case you have traded for Santana by the time I have posted this, in the words of SNL great Gilda Radner, in her "Emily Latella" guise: NEVER MIND!

Your Loyal Fan,
Let's Go Mets,

David Rubin


Anonymous said...

that would have been a great mistake

Anonymous said...

i love perez, but its santana!!!

Anonymous said...

santana over perez anyday of the week man

Anonymous said...

i just dont think this would work out in the mets favor if they decided to go through with this