December 26, 2007

Mets Are Best Bet For Colon

Gerry Fraley at The Sporting Newswrites about Bartolo Colon and where he will likely end up next season:

Colon won the Cy Young in 2005, when he went 21-8 with the Los Angeles Angels and pitched more than 200 innings for the eighth time in nine years. He worked during that season with personal trainer Nao Presinal, whose involvement with an equipment bag full of steroids and syringes seized by Canadian customs agents in 2001 is detailed in the Mitchell report.

Colon emerged from that season with a partially torn rotator cuff and has not been the same since, pitching only 155-2/3 innings in the last two seasons. Colon's performance with Aguilas of the Dominican Republic winter league will help determine what kind of deal he gets.

Best bet: the New York Mets. General manager Omar Minaya took a bigger gamble in 2002, when, as Montreal GM, he obtained Colon from Cleveland.


Anonymous said...

so now we are getting the mo vaughn of the pitching world

Anonymous said...

better than getting david wells or kyle lohse