December 26, 2007

Prior Signs With Padres

Joe At Mets Today writes about Mark Prior signing with the Padres:

As many had expected, Mark Prior signed with the San Diego Padres.

We don’t yet know the details, but it’s likely a one-year deal.

It makes a lot of sense from Prior’s point of view. First, he’ll be pitching in a decidedly pitcher’s park; second, he’ll be in a nice warm climate; third, he won’t be counted on to be an ace; fourth, he’ll have a fairly good bullpen behind him; and finally, he was born and raised in San Diego and continues to make his home there.


Anonymous said...

well there goes another one...ugh

Anonymous said...

what do we have to do to get any kind of pitcher???

Anonymous said...

i'm going to start going insane if omar doesnt get a pitcher soon

Anonymous said...

someone shoot me please