December 26, 2007

The Mets Year In Review

Marty Noble at writes about the Mets year in 2007 and all the ups and downs:

Perhaps hindsight isn't all it's cracked up to be. Not 20-20 certainly, maybe it's 27-27. When the Mets looked back at the All-Star break, that's what they saw. They had played 87 games, produced a 21-12 record in the first 33 and split the subsequent 54. For the equivalent of one-third of a big league season, the Mets had played .500 ball. And when they paused at the traditional midpoint of the season, they didn't recognize that 27-27 run for what it was -- a warning.

The Mets looked back and saw their first 33 games and sensed 2007 was merely an extension of the 2006 regular season, a set of 162 they had dominated. Their vision must have been impaired when they glimpsed the 54 games that directly preceded the break; that or they thought 54 games of mediocrity were the aberration and 33 games were the true indication.

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Anonymous said...

it just seems like so long ago

Anonymous said...

last season was truly hard to swollow