December 26, 2007

Will the Brewers Trade A Starter?

From Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Network member):

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel takes a look at the pitching dilemma Doug Melvin the GM of the Brewers is facing. The Brewers have too many starters, usually you can never have enough pitching but Melvin has roster and financial consideration, thanks to his glut of starters. The Brewers have two young pitchers (Gallardo, Villanueva) that they expect in the rotation for the entire year behind Ace Ben Sheets and veteran Jeff Suppan. That leaves one spots for four pitchers, Parra can return to the minors but all three of the others were tendered this off-season meaning that they will receive salary increases to possibly take a demotion to the pen. The Brewers may not even have a spot in the pen after they spent the entire off-season rebuilding theirs. Barring an injury it almost seems like a foregone conclusion that they will move one of Capuano, Bush or Vargas. The first two are very appealing to me, but I wouldn't give much up for Vargas.

At some point, Melvin probably will have to move a starting pitcher, if for no other reason than to clear the clutter. If Sheets, Gallardo, Villanueva and Jeff Suppan have spots secured, that leaves one job open for Chris Capuano, David Bush, Claudio Vargas and Manny Parra.Parra can be returned to the minors for more seasoning but is there room in the bullpen for two of the other three? And is that the best use of their talents? source JSonline


Anonymous said...

it doesnt matter because the mets arent going to get anyone

Anonymous said...

i can possibly see a cappuano trade if they dont ask for too much

Anonymous said...

if they are smart they will stock pile their pitchers for when one goes down