December 12, 2007

Mets Relying On Maine And Perez More Than Ever

Over at the Herald Tribune, they write about the Mets and their reliance on John Maine and Oliver Perez:

I think sometimes we lose sight of what those guys did," the GM said. "Wait a minute, let's reflect, we do have some young guys who have done it, who are proven. Sometimes you get caught up — we need pitching. Well, we do have pitching."

If they can't fortify the rotation with a new arm, the Mets will count even more on Maine and Perez in 2008.

"If we don't get another pitcher they're going to really need to step up," Randolph said. "These guys came off nice years. ... They're going to get better, hopefully."


Anonymous said...

we stll have to get someone

Anonymous said...

they are gonna have to step up in a major way

Anonymous said...

lets say 17 games each and close to 200 innings