December 27, 2007

Now Livan Would Love To Pitch For The Marlins

At Rotoworld they write about Livan Hernandez and how he would love to pitch for the Marlins:

Free agent Livan Hernandez said he'd love to pitch for the Marlins, but "they don't have any money."

Except they do have plenty of money, and they'll almost surely be one of baseball's most profitable teams next year. They just don't want to spend it on players. The Hernandez front has been quiet for weeks now. The Mets seem to be pursuing Kyle Lohse over him, and there hasn't been anyone else that he's known to have talked to lately.


Anonymous said...

so now that the mets have almost no interest he comes out and saysthat hewould love to pitch for the marlins...whats next? I would love to come back to the's just sad

Anonymous said...

no one is calling you so you throw your name out there, good method i guess

Anonymous said...

let him be the marlins problem

Anonymous said...

yeah, if he's the best option then we should just go with the young guys like pelfrey, humber and mulvey