December 27, 2007

Too much excitement for Mulvey

(Brought to you by Mets Prospects)
I have said it many times but I am not very high on Kevin Mulvey. He is projected to be either a 3 or 4 starter. He started off last season pitching pretty poorly. Scouts were saying he had many flaws and he often had very flat pitches. All I am saying is do not get to excited about Mulvey just yet. He has pitched pretty well in the Minors but things happen and he could end up just dissapointing us and becoming a long reliver. So keep an eye out for Mulvey but dont get overly excited about him.


Anonymous said...

i like mulvey and it was only his first season in the minors and he made it to AAA so there is plenty to get excited about

Anonymous said...

you really cant get excited with any prospect until they prove themselves in the majors

Jerry said...

whens this Mulvey kid going to be ready Hey he doesnt wlk anyone it might be time
Most of mets pictures problems was walking people and being scared to pitch
Jerry in Upstate Ny Mets fan since 1962