December 01, 2007

Orioles, Bedard Break Off First Round of Talks

According to Friday's edition of the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles and Eric Bedard have broken off their first round of contract extension talks. This probably means that the O's will further explore potential offers for their ace at the upcoming Winter Meetings.

Andy McPhail, the O's president, was quoted as follows:

"We've had some conversations. We spoke again today, but I'd say that we've cooled in that area," Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail said of the negotiations with Bedard's agent, Mark Pieper. "We've gone on to other things. It doesn't mean that [negotiations] can't or won't be started again. It just means that they've cooled for now."

Apparently, the O's have already turned down the Mets' first offer.

From the Sun:

According to several industry sources, the Mets' offer for Bedard, which was rejected, included 21-year-old outfield prospect Carlos Gomez, reliever Aaron Heilman, 29, and a third player, believed to be right-handed starter Philip Humber, 24. Gomez, ranked as the Mets' third-best prospect by Baseball America, is clearly the headliner.

At this point, our best guess is that it would take the addition of another young starter, possibly a Guerra, subbing Pelfrey for Humber, and the Mets' taking some large contracts off of the O's shoulders, in order for this deal to move forward.

Don't be discouraged that they turned our first offer down, as it came before they broke off this first round of talks. It does, however, behoove the Mets to try to get a deal done quickly, as it is possible that the Yanks might quickly complete a deal for Santana, and if the A's, as expected, take Haren off the market, Bedard becomes the only remaining ace available for trade (unless the Brewers put Sheets back on the market) and another team, like the Dodgers, with more prospects to trade, might step in and steal our thunder.

[Thanks to John Young for the link!]

Man, this is better than the best television cliff-hanger (well, ONLY if we get a top-of-the-rotation starter. Otherwise, it goes from "Who Shot J.R." status, on the exciting side, to Pam Ewing waking up to find out that the past 4 years didn't exist, on the ridiculous side.)

Andruw Jones and Aaron Rowand are still free agents. If we packaged Gomez and Church in a deal for a top pitcher, we could always sign one of these FA's and have Martinez ready to step up in a year or two to take over for Moises! Just more food for thought (as if you haven't eaten enough, lately!)


Anonymous said...

rumor has it that bedard wants out of baltamore now

Anonymous said...

i heard that too...could be a sweet deal in the works