December 01, 2007

Will Mets Settle For Just Livan? We Say NO!!!!

I am hearing, from several sources, that Omar is still hot on the heals of O-Hern's half-brother, the former National and Diamondback, Livan Hernandez. Livan is, indeed, an innings-eater, throwing at least 200 innings 9 out of the past 10 seasons. Last year, for the Diamondbacks, Livan was 11-11, with a 4.93 ERA, 204.3 innings, 33 games started, 79 walks and only 90 strike-outs. Baseball lists him as being 32 years old, but with the miles on his arm, and the possibility that he is actually older than listed (like O-Hern), I'd rather take a pass on Livan and go with some of our younger prospects, and I'd rather not lose a top draft pick for someone like Livan.

Obviously, I'd rather have a top-line starter, and so, too, would Omar, but that might not be doable this off-season. Again, I'd still rather we rely on a combination of Mulvey, Heilman, Pelfrey and Humber to cull a fifth starter from, rather than throwing reasonably large dollars at Livan, but I'm not the GM, and Omar seems to be favoring those ex-Expos now (Pedro, Endy, Schneider, Church, and Alou) in addition to his pursuit last season of Chad Cordero. Let's hope we don't go this route, and block a young player from rising up the ladder yet again. However, let's hope even harder that we land that big fish in the form of a Dan Haren or Eric Bedard!


Anonymous said...

god ihope not

Anonymous said...

they would be stupid to just settle for livan...theywould have the same rotation from last year then