December 01, 2007

Veteran's Committee To Announce Non-Player Inductees on Monday

This Monday, two categories of non-players will be looked at for consideration for election into the Baseball Hall-of-Fame. For a great article and a list of potential candidates, click here to be directed to the HOF site. Of note for NY fans, in the manager category, both Davey Johnson and Billy Martin are candidates, as well as enemies Dick Williams (1973 A's manager) and Whitey Herzog (80's Cards manager); in the owner category, former Dodgers' owner, Walter O'Malley, hated in NY for moving the Dodgers west (and influencing Giants' owner, Horace Stoneham, to do likewise); and in the GM category, former Yankees (and Indians and Reds) GM, Gabe Paul, architect of the 70's Yankees and enemy of the before-mentioned Martin. Ironically, former commissioner, Bowie Kuhn, and his hated enemy and founder of the baseball player's union, Marvin Miller, are both up for consideration; were it up to me, only Miller would get in! (I still resent Kuhn for exiling Mays and Mantle from the game, among many other slights, including, but not limited to, how he handled the Curt Flood situation.)

I'm thinking Davey's a longshot- from their site, here's the list of who we can blame for either voting Davey in or keeping him out:

Judging their careers will be Hall of Fame managers Tom Lasorda and Earl Weaver as well as other Hall of Famers Henry Aaron, Jim Bunning, Bob Gibson, Fergie Jenkins, Al Kaline, Phil Niekro, Tony Perez and Billy Williams; former manager and general manager Jim Frey; Diamondbacks executive Roland Hemond and BBWAA members Jack O'Connell of, Tim Kurkjian of ESPN and Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated.

G00d luck, Davey, we still love ya!

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Anonymous said...

i really hope he gets in he was one of the all time great manaagers