January 04, 2008

F-Mart The Best Of Them All

From Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Network Member):

Keith Law at his show Scouts, Inc. answered some baseball questions, several were regarding the Mets and the Jahan Santana situation. For a full transcript visit Law's site at ESPN (Insider access necessary). It's pleasant to see the tide turn on some of our prospects, it was just a month ago we didn't have a package to compete for Santana and our prospects were considered second rate. Law is very high on Fernando Martinez, so much so that he considers him a bigger prospect then Hughes or Ellsbury and wouldn't trade him for a rental player, even if his name was Santana.

The way the Red Sox and Yankees have been approaching Santana I wonder if they're just trying to block each other and if he went out of league that would satisfy their needs. Both teams have very high pay rolls already and may not want to take on Santana's next contract, meanwhile the Mets have been financially conservative (in comparison). Matt Cerrone at Metsblog had two posts today one on Peter Gammon and the other Jon Heyman both were positive in regards to the Mets chances.

If the Twins need a lead-off hitting center fielder I think Gomez and Martinez are both comparable to Ellsbury and while Hughes is one of the best young pitchers around, the Mets are willing to give up quantity, and the quality isn't that far from Hughes. Three prospects and Heilman or four prospects is alot to lose but Santana is well worth it.

Jay, (Minneapolis, MN): Hey Klaw, how would you rank the Twins organization? How much better could their farm be if they pull the trigger on either the Sox, Mets or Yanks deal?

SportsNation Keith Law: Any of those proposed deals would be a huge upgrade. Their system is thin right now - no bats, not many arms. They've promoted a lot of guys and recent drafts haven't been that productive.

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the problem with this is that the twins know this as well