January 04, 2008

Most Balanced Catching Duo?

Marty Noble at Mets.com writes about Ramon Castro, Brian Schnider and what they bring to the table as the Mets catchers:

The two make for an intriguing tandem, perhaps the most balanced catching tandem the Mets have had since John Stearns and Ron Hodges shared the assignment in the late 1970s and into the '80s.

Neither Castro nor Schneider is the offensive player Piazza was -- how many players are, regardless of position? -- but Castro is a productive hitter with genuine power. And Schneider may be the best defensive catcher the Mets have had since Jerry Grote ended his successful tour with the organization in 1977.

Once, Schneider produced remarkable numbers throwing out would-be base stealers -- 63 caught stealing against 60 steals in 2003 and '04 combined. He threw out 24 of 77 would-be base stealers (31 percent) last season. Even with the recent drop in percentage, Schneider has thrown out 40 percent of would-be base thieves, making him the Mets' best throwing catcher since the early years of Todd Hundley's career.


Anonymous said...

its a good point but i still dont think it was worth milledge

Anonymous said...

i guess well just have to wait and see if this combination will work as well as the mets think it will