January 30, 2008

Never Been Happier!!!

Hello Shea Nation and what a proud day it is to be apart of our wonderful site as a reader and a writer. I have to say I am stunned this deal got done and am extremely pleased it got done without Martinez. I thought for sure we would have to give up both outfield prospects in this deal. I have to say, I wanted to keep one of the two, with preference to Fernando of course, and that is what happened. I loved getting phone calls from everyone yesterday around 5 pm saying "We got Santana!!!!" or the opposite "I hate you guys!!" (from the Phillies fans I know, I live in South Jersey). The best part of yesterday was to hear how excited my family was about the deal. My brother, cousin, and dad show little emotion when something goes the Mets way, but are opposites when the something bad happens. To hear the happiness in their voice was wonderful.
My dad always yells at me when I refer to the Mets as we, but I can't help it, I feel like I am a part of them. Yesterday, my dad offered me congratulations and of course I reciprocated. Yesterday, my dad and family were much apart of the Mets as you, me, and Johan. This is a wonderful day to be a Mets fan and lets go out and beat those Phils!!! Johan, I can't wait to see you when you come to Philly in April. I'll be there in your jersey waiting!!! Congratulations Mets fans from both my dad and I, this was a big one!


Anonymous said...

you nailed it man

Anonymous said...

i think im going to cry over this deal again