January 30, 2008

Mets Pitching Is Stronger Than Ever

Marty Noble at Mets.com writes about the Mets starting rotation and how they have become a force to be reckoned with now that Santana is at the top:

Now, though the corral gate is open wide, waiting for a genuine stallion to enter and become its prize steed. Johan Santana may not replace Martinez as Randolph's choice for Opening Day, but he clearly displaces Martinez as the Mets' primary starter. So as long as the Mets satisfy Santana's contract desires by 5 o'clock on Friday, they will have a special pitcher on the mound and in their rotation come March 31 when they play the Marlins.

The pitching can be significantly better because a two-time Cy Young Award winner can be on the Mets' mound every fifth day. With a likely rotation of Santana, Martinez, Maine, Perez and Mike Pelfrey or Orlando Hernandez, the Mets again are a legitimate contender in the National League East.

It's not that a 200-inning starter secures automatic entry into the postseason, but to reach 200-225 innings in a 30-34 start season, a pitcher must complete the sixth inning with some degree of regularity. And if he does, relievers' arms benefit. Now, for a princely sum no doubt, the Mets can have that.

If Maine and Perez continue developing, the Mets could have three starters close to 200 innings, and that would do wonder for the bullpen that conceivably could include El Duque.


Anonymous said...

the nl has to be worried now

Anonymous said...

that has to be putting it lightly

Anonymous said...

with the rotation and the offense in place i am going to love this season

- Mark C. said...

I'd have to say that the Mets rotation is even better than that article stated. As I have mentioned on my baseball blog just today, the Mets are very strong. They are going to have 4 top notch pitchers going out there with Mike Pelfrey on the verge of a breakout season. This could be a dominant staff.