January 11, 2008

Next on Omar's Agenda: WORLD PEACE!!!

As you know, Mets' GM Omar Minaya is currently in Israel, as a delegate from MLB to observe the burgeoning baseball scene in that country. In today's Jerusalem Post, which can be read by clicking here, Omar is praised not just for being the first Latin GM in baseball, but for being someone who values character over style. Omar was noted for "rolling around on the gym floor with Israeli and Palestinian kids" and would also be classified as the "first major league GM to do that, too."

Some interesting quotes on, and from, Minaya:

On being in Israel: It's my first time in Israel and it's wonderful to be here," he tells The Jerusalem Post. "It's beautiful to see the potential dream of peace here in Israel, being around the kids today. It's exciting and feels good to be a part of.

A first impression of Omar: It is immediately apparent when speaking to Minaya that after nearly everything he says he adds the phrase "know what I'm sayin'?". That is what matters most to him; that you know, and understand what he is saying and that he knows and understands what you are saying, that he is connecting with people, not controlling them.

On the Mets' involvement in helping baseball grow in Israel: Going forward, Minaya is clear that he understands the need for Major League Baseball to become involved in developing the sport in this country for it ultimately to be successful.

"I hope to come back to Israel to see the baseball league here during the season and I know that we, the Mets, hope to be able to participate and help out as much as we can with baseball here," he stresses.

On what Omar would like to accomplish: "It's about being fortunate enough to get the opportunity and to be able to open the doors for others to follow and accompish for themselves as well. If a child can look at me and say 'If Omar did, then so can I', then I have accomplished more than I could have ever imagined."

On his players, and particularly Pedro: He speaks of his players with a soft tone and twinkle in his eye, as if describing his own children with unbound pride. A similar thread of "humanity first" flows through each statement out of his mouth.

"Pedro been great for the Mets," he describes, "he is a very special player, and even more so, a very unique and special character and person; we are very lucky and happy to have him for everything he does for the organization both on the field and, just as importantly, off it."

Omar's main principle: Pondering the principle on which he bases his life, Minaya reflects "It is much more more important for me to be a good person than a good professional."

The article is a great read, there's no registration necessary, and tonite, when we get frustrated that Omar is out of town and seemingly not 100% focused on issues such as Santana, first, remember that he's doing work even more important right now (bringing a kids' game, and compassion, to an area perpetually torn by war and strife), and second, don't kid yourself, because knowing Omar's work ethic, he's probably working a full day on the phones and internet besides sight-seeing and working in his goodwill ambassador role. Omar must be judged on more then just the team on the field- he's also trying to transform the Mets organization into one of relevance, no small task and something we haven't been in way too long and have only taken a stab at over the past few years.

Today, Omar, a World Series...tomorrow, World Peace!!!!

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