January 11, 2008

Yankees Inching Closer to Santana with Move to sign CF Cameron?!

Ignore whatever you've read that the Yankees' aren't still interested in trading for Johan Santana- why else would they march heavily into the bidding for free agent centerfielder (and ex-Met) Mike Cameron? Yes, he's a friend of A-Rod, and yes, he's suspended for the first 25 games of the season. However, he brings still-great defense, a solid power game (in spite of his high strike-out totals) and is a "good clubhouse guy." Let's hope Cameron decides to go with the Brewers' offer instead, and that the Yanks still have to hang onto Melky Cabrera, making a potential Santana deal that much harder to pull off! You can read more by checking out the Fox Sports website by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

say it aint so cammy???

Anonymous said...

i think he will stay in the NL

Anonymous said...

cameron seems to fit better with the brewers thanthe yankees to me