January 30, 2008

Phillies Nation Reacts to Johan Santana trade to Mets

from MetsLifer.com
Thanks to Gus for passing along this info. Check out this excerpt from philliesnation.com as they react the Mets recent deal for Johan Santana.

"Well, crap.

USA Today is reporting a four-for-one swap, as the Mets will send Phillip Humber, Carlos Gomez, Kevin Mulvey and Deoils Guerra to the Mets for the All-World left-hander.

More on this to come, but a few knee-jerk quick thoughts:

1. The Mets stole this one. They didn’t have to give up their No. 1 prospect.
2. The Mets are suddenly the favorite to win both the East and the NL.
3. We’re in trouble."

The post goes on to hope that the Mets can't come to agreement on terms with Santana, but it's obvious that the rest of the NL East is taking notice.

I didn't think this Santana deal could get any better but after reading this, it really does get better.


Anonymous said...

well what do you have to say about that j rolls?

Anonymous said...

time to get in the bacvk seat Phillie!!!

Anonymous said...

How can they compete with Santana and Martinez? I'll tell you, they can't!

Anonymous said...

#3 is the best "we're in trouble"

Anonymous said...

I want to buy my playoff tickets now....