January 30, 2008

Wagner And Wright On Santana

Marty Noble at Mets.com writes about Billy Wagner and David Wright on their new Ace:

Wagner, among others, believes the feeling will return this year, so long as the Mets' trade for Johan Santana is finalized. Without having spoken with any of his colleagues, Wagner is certain that same feeling, that sense of "watch out, we're good" will take hold and bring out an element he thought was absent from the first day in Port St. Lucie last year.

"If we get Johan Santana, we're back to being one of the five best teams in the game. I couldn't be happier," Wagner said. "I know we'll all feel that way."

Wright has come to know Santana through Twins right fielder Michael Cuddyer.

"I've gotten a chance to get to know him over the past couple of years and he seems like a great clubhouse guy who's going to fit in perfectly with the chemistry that we have," Wright said. "If it's true, then we're going to welcome him with open arms."


Anonymous said...

now wagner is tooting a different horn

Anonymous said...

i guess we are not third anymore huh wags?

Anonymous said...

that trade just shot us to the top baby!!!

Anonymous said...

see you later phillies and braves