January 08, 2008

Predicting Alou's 2008

The Man at Mets Prospectus takes a stab at what he thinks will be Moises Alou's 2008 output:

2007 was supposed to be Alou's last season, but there was no way he was going out like this. Moises told the Mets he wanted to come back, and the Mets then picked up his option for 7.5 million. Alou had this to say about it.. “I’m angry at what happened last year and our fans deserved better. I’m coming back to help us win a championship. From the first day of spring training we have to show people that 2008 will be different.”

Overall: Moises Alou is still a feared hitter in this league, his bat won't be a question. But now at age 41-42 his health will be a huge concern. The Mets will have to try to give him some days off, but really how can you sit one of your best hitters?


Anonymous said...

i think "the man" is giving alou a little credit on his plate appearances

Anonymous said...

wow is THE MAN a little full of himself?