January 08, 2008

The Return Of E-Mail Bag: Stockpiling

Now I know that you haven’t done the E-mail bag in a couple of months. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of E-mails or just that there is too much going on with the site or personal reasons, but I would be greatly appreciative if you could find the time to answer my question, as I have asked Matthew Cerrone and am still to get a response. I’m asking you now because your two sites seem to keep up with the trends as much as possible.

A lot of sites including Shea Nation and Mets Blog are speculating that the Mets are simply stockpiling position players so that the team won’t be in such a hurt locker. Now I find out that they’re close to signing another infield/outfield utility man in our former second baseman Joe Valentin. There just seems to be no other reason for all of these signings than a full force pursuit of Johan Santana. Am I just getting my hopes up or is my franticness justified?

Mark T.
Long Island

Well, Mark thanks for remembering that Shea Nation does the E-mail bag as well. The fact of the matter is that I will get an E-mail and realize that I had already answered the question that day. I would reply back to the person with the link and that would be the end of it. No reason to put up two posts on the same topic now, but your question has been speculated on a lot of sites as you have said. I’ll do my best to answer it to fullest of my knowledge.

In my perspective, I wouldn’t put it out of the question for the Mets to be stockpiling players to anticipate the pain that their Minor League is going to take if the pursuit of Santana actually lands the lefty.

With the additions of Pagan, Wise, Register, Sanchez, eight Minor Leaguers (including Juan Padilla) and the possible signing of Valentin, the Mets are definitely looking like they are getting ready to brace themselves for a significant blow.

If the recent additions are a sign of what may come, it seems like a reliever, middle infielder, starting pitchers and an outfielder is on the block.

Does this mean that the Mets are going to make a strong push for Johan Santana? I’m not sure.

I have a strong feeling though, that the Mets are in the process of making a pretty strong case for a starting pitcher, whether it be Santana, Blanton, Sabathia or some other player that we didn’t even know the Mets were interested in, is still yet to be seen.

The one thing that is certain is that we should be ready for something to explode in the next month and when it does, we, the fans, should be pleasantly surprised.

*****Note From David***************
Mark, thanks for sending in your email, and it brings up some valid points, which John addressed, and to which I'd like to throw in my 3 cents (up from 2, as everything is now inflated).

There is no doubt in my mind that the Mets' have good reason to stockpile players. First, it is a normal thing to do as pitchers and catchers report in a mere 6 weeks (man, I love the sound of that) and spring training and minor league rosters have to be filled out. There were only 2 surprises for me, the first being the re-acquisiton of Pagan, the second being the soon-to-be-finalized re-signing of infielder Jose Valentin to a minor league/make-good contract. That's not to say that there aren't other reasons for this stockpiling, which brings me to the- Second point, which is this- it wouldn't surprise me if the Mets now included Endy Chavez and Ruben Gotay in either a trade for a starter, or seperately or together to acquire additional, quality young players to turn around in a deal for a starter, as has been speculated. I can't see how even the Twins could turn down a deal that included Chavez, Gomez, Gotay, Mulvey, Heilman and another minor league pitcher for Santana, as in quality AND quantity, that would be the deal to beat! Finally, perhaps the Mets are putting together a package for another reliever, to fortify the bullpen, and it also wouldnt' surprise me if one of their targets, even with Billy Wagner already on board, was Joe Nathan, like Santana, a Twin, and like Santana, a free agent at the end of the 2008 season.
Remember- this is still the off-season, and anything CAN and WILL happen!


Anonymous said...

wow i guess your back answering questions john...nice to see

Anonymous said...

alot of us have the same feeling

Anonymous said...

lets hope that they do something and dont get overloaded by position players

Anonymous said...

does valentin have any experience playing 1st???

Anonymous said...

not sure but if delgado goes down im sure well find out

Anonymous said...

lets hope that they are loading up for santana!!!!!!!!

Steve from Norfolk said...

Something tells me they're putting together a package for Bedard that either includes Gotay or a Chinese restaurant type deal - you know, 1 from Column A, 2 from Column B, etc.

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