February 11, 2008

All Eyes On Santana

Marty Noble at Mets.com writes about the 2008 Mets Spring Training and how all of the attention will be on Johan Santana:

Santana may or may not bask in all the media attention his presence is certain to generate, but his colleagues will enjoy a degree of anonymity because of him. The crowds will surround his locker. Even David Wright might have a moment's peace -- maybe by St. Patty's Day. Santana will not. Each start he makes will be a quasi-event, even though no exhibition game performance has any significance unless health is an issue. Microphones and cameras that somehow overlooked his Cy Young-ness during his tour with the Twins will appreciate his articulateness and charm. The days he doesn't pitch, Santana will be swarmed like a Yankees reliever in Cleveland.

But Santana will be in the foreground almost every moment -- whether or not that is his intent -- from the moment he arrives. He is to report Thursday, with the other pitchers and the catchers, and work out Saturday. (The corresponding dates for position players are Feb. 18 and 20.)

Santana will be followed from field to field as Tiger Woods is from hole to hole. The most mundane things Santana does will be watched closely -- and celebrated -- by those who line the fences. His contract will be mentioned roughly 137.5 million times, his autograph will be sought with zeal greater than what the Mets demonstrated when they pursued his signature.

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Anonymous said...

as they should be and santana should be ready for all the grief that comes witht he new york spot light