February 11, 2008

Hernandez And SNY Agree On Mult-Year Extension

Adam Rubin at Surfing The Mets writes about Keith Hernandez and SNY agreeing on a multi-year extension:

SNY has announced that Keith Hernandez, who will be on the network’s Hot Stove show at 6:30 this evening, has agreed to a multi-year extension. Hernandez is scheduled to work at least 110 Mets games this year … though maybe not in San Diego, if you remember that masseuse incident. (For the record, SNY’s spokesman vehemently denied they avoided sending Hernandez to Petco Park last year, but my info was different.)


Anonymous said...

that was definitly one of those HOLY **** moments that makes you drop your jaw

Anonymous said...

i still cant believe he said it on national tv

Anonymous said...

well at any rate guys we will probably hear another one of his witty remarks next season