February 06, 2008

Castillo On Santana

John Harper at The Daily News writes about Luis Castillo and Johan Santana being reunited and how Castillo thinks Santana will handle New York:

"When I got traded," Castillo said on a conference call yesterday from the Dominican Republic, "I remember Johan, in the locker room, we talked for 20 minutes. He told me he wanted to play for the Mets.

"So when I got over there I told (GM Omar) Minaya that Johan liked the Mets. I told him, 'I know he'll make a lot of money, but he's a great pitcher, and we need him here.' "

"The day Johan got traded, he called me," Castillo said. "I felt so happy about it. He's a great guy and, for me, I think he's the best pitcher in the big leagues.

"I don't see any problem coming to New York. He works hard every day. He just needs to keep doing what he's doing, and he'll be fine."


Anonymous said...

for 137 million onewould hope that he performs

Anonymous said...

its so heart warming 2 buddys reunited

Anonymous said...

i cant wait for the season to start