February 06, 2008

Press Confrence And The Number 57

Adam Rubin at The Daily News writes about the Johan Santana press confrence today and that Santana will onlybe the fourth to wear 57:

Johan Santana - whose trade from Minnesota became official shortly after he agreed to a contract extension Friday that will keep him in Flushing at least through 2013 - will be unveiled Wednesday at a 1:15 p.m. press conference at the Diamond Club at Shea. Santana's father Jesus and wife Yasmile as well as David Wright, Willie Randolph, Omar Minaya, Jeff Wilpon and Santana's reps will attend the event, which will be carried live on SNY.

Santana, who wore No. 57 with the Twins, will keep that number, which has been rarely used by the Mets. (Outfielder Eric Valent, pitcher Jason Roach and coaches Tom Robson and Bobby Floyd wore the number in the past.)


Anonymous said...

wow only 3 have worn the number and now eric velent will have to relinquish the title of being the greatest in that number

Mets an in tx said...

Eric was great for a short time.
I forgot about him until this