February 21, 2008

Does He Throw A Slider?

David Lennon at On The Mets Beat writes about Billy Wagner's live batting practice session:

It was no contest. Pitchers are clearly ahead of the hitters at this point and Billy Wagner proved that emphatically this morning. Facing the top four in the lineup, few even bothered to swing, and the hardest hit ball was Jose Reyes' chopper to second base. "That's an out right?" Wagner said smiling.

Even Carlos Beltran left the cage wondering what he was looking at. "Does he throw a slider?" Beltran asked. Pitching coach Rick Peterson assured Beltran that he did.


Anonymous said...

that's great...i had a few chuckles over beltran's comment

Anonymous said...

at least it isnt all fun and games

Anonymous said...

OK Shea Nation, next time I will be careful. Thanks.

P.S. Come to my blog so we could talk in my chat box about baseball today.

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