February 21, 2008

Perez Arbitration Update

John Delcos at The Courier News gives an update on the Oliver Perz arbitration situation:

Oliver Perez wasn't in a talkative mood Wednesday with the exception of asking a clubhouse attendant for directions to St. Petersburg. The Mets and the agent for their 26-year-old 15-game winner talked during the day and could again today before Perez's scheduled arbitration hearing.
General manager Omar Minaya said it's possible, but not likely, the team could reach a settlement with agent Scott Boras.

"We'd rather not go there," Minaya said of the arbitration hearing, something the Mets haven't had since 1992 when they lost to David Cone. "But, it looks like we will."

Outside of Sabathia, Perez could be 2009's free-agent prize, so he'll be asking for a lot more than $6.5 million.

Minaya wants to avoid arbitration because in its base form the team is tearing down the player. Perez's reputation is losing focus on the mound and Minaya's concern is if he loses he might let it impact his pitching.


Anonymous said...

is he making a big mistake or what?

Anonymous said...

you would think that players would learn from A-ROD and not include BORAS in any contract talks...as a matter of fact they should all drop him

Anonymous said...

perez is going to get bood at shea, its gonna happen

Anonymous said...

hes making a huge mistake

Anonymous said...

he had one good season last year and he thinks that it constitutes him to demand what he wants to be paid? get real oliver, just take the money the mets are offering you andsee what you do this season.

Shea It Ain't So said...

Well not just one good season, he was unstoppable in '04 and may finally be returning to form. If Silva gets 12 million a year why shouldn't Perez ask for a raise? I mean I'd prefer the Mets save money but I don't blame Perez. I just don't see Perez on the Mets next season. He's going to ask for too much and wants to play out west.

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