February 08, 2008

To Be Refrenced In September

From Don Kachuba at Gets By Buckner (Network Member):

Everyone laughed at me, when I had brought it up at the end of the 2007 season. But watch Nick Johnson this season- aside from witnessing the superior glove to the Mets counterpart- watch Delgado's offensive ineffectiveness and inconsistency hurt Beltran. Everyone will be wishing a .280-.300 hitter was protecting Beltran. Instead it'll be a .250-.270 hitter. Their HR numbers shouldn't be far apart either. Factor Johnson out of RFK and with a Mets lineup as opposed to a Nats lineup, and I don't see how he could not be a more valuable guy than what I project from Delgado.

Wilpon could have paid half of Delgado's salary to some team he traded him away to, AND acquired Johnson's 5 million dollar a year contract, it still would have saved the Mets 1-3 million dollars overall, than if they held onto all off Delgado's 08 salary and never acquired Johnson.

Who could the Mets have traded for Johnson? I'm guessing nothing that would be of an earth-shattering loss to the organization. Figure it out. And I'm also guessing with Dmitri Young finishing in the top ten in hitting last season, a cheap team like Washington would be willing to let go of a 5 million dollar contract for the quantity of a few mediocre minor leaguers, since tthey have another first base option in a guy who produced so well on the cheap.

Who could the Mets pawn Delgado off to? Well Toronto wouldn't have been a bad start. He has played there, has a fan following, and the frank Thomas contract ran out. Why not dangle him to be a DH man at half his salary? Just inquire is all I asked.

Of course the health is the big issue. But Johnson broke his leg two seasons ago. I'm banking on him being capable of playing 150 games. He is NY proven. And speaking of health concerns, Delgado's hand surgery killed his ability to turn on an inside pitch anyway, plus he broke his hand again on that miserable final day against the Marlins.


Anonymous said...

is he a free agent at the end of the season?

John Young said...

Not next season but the one after that. So he has two moreleft before he is a free agent. On a side note, his agent is Rex Gary and not Scott Boras.

Anonymous said...

maybe we can trade for him at the end of the season

Anonymous said...

if we added him then we would be the new york marlins - twins - nationals