February 01, 2008

Gomez Reacts To Trade

Kelly Thesier at MLB.com writes about Carlos Gomez and what he had to say about being traded to the Twins:

"The only thing I heard about was Santana, Santana, Santana," Gomez said Thursday when reached at his home in the Dominican Republic. "Nothing in the news was said about Gomez, or nothing about the other players traded to the Twins. But I think all us prospects have the tools to play in the big leagues."

"This is my opportunity to be a center fielder," Gomez said. "I have to prepare for a new organization, but I'm ready. The only thing I want is to play baseball and play every day."

"I don't want to say I can play like Torii, that guy is unbelievable," Gomez said. "I'm just going to be Carlos Gomez. But I think I can play center. I have speed, I like to hustle and I like to slide. I think I play a good center field and hopefully the fans will get to see that."


Anonymous said...

i am sure gonna miss him

Anonymous said...

i will too but he is no santana

Anonymous said...

good luck playing in minn. gomez