February 20, 2008

Humber OK With Santana Link

Phil Miller at Twin Cities.com writes about Philip Humber and him being alright with his name being linked to the Johan Santana trade:

What he did was establish himself as a big-league prospect, a power pitcher with the nerves of a winner. It set him off on a course that provided a handful of other baseball thrills, one frightening

Twins pitcher Phil Humber throws a pitch from the mound duirng the first day of spring training workouts for pitchers and catchers Monday, Feb. 18, 2008 in Fort Myers, Fla. (Luis M. Alvarez) (St. Paul Pioneer Press)setback, and a permanent new identity: the guy the Twins got for Johan Santana.

No, Humber isn't the only one, but as the most polished of the four prospects swapped by the New York Mets for Santana, the lanky Texan is a decent bet to arrive first in Minneapolis, giving skeptical Twins fans a close-up look at what a two-time Cy Young Award winner gets you these days. He's not nervous, though. His collegiate breakthrough — that complete-game 14-2 national title clincher against Ryan Garko and Stanford — gives him a good understanding of how to operate under pressure.

"I don't feel any. I mean, how can you get equal value for Santana? I don't know about that, but I feel like the four of us are going to make a differencehere," said Humber, who is even occupying Santana's old locker in the Twins' spring clubhouse. "I really think the Twins got a great group of guys to come over. I know I've worked hard and I'm ready to contribute."


Anonymous said...

wow...so he also gets santanas locker. i bet he hopes that some of the magic rubbs off on him

Anonymous said...

good luck humber

Anonymous said...

john, do you have any pictures of gomez at twins camp?

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