February 20, 2008

Long Shot For Register

Ben Shpigel at The New York Times writes about the Mets Rule 5 draft choice Steven Register and how he views his chances of landing in the Mets pen:

Register, a right-handed reliever who in four professional seasons has never pitched above Class AA, joined the Mets in December by way of the Rule 5 draft, whose rules stipulate that he must begin and end the season on the Mets’ 25-man roster or be offered back to the Rockies for $25,000, half his cost, before he can pitch in the minor leagues this season.

In other words, with only one slot seemingly open in the Mets’ bullpen, Register must prove that it is he and not, say, Matt Wise, Ruddy Lugo or Brian Stokes, who most deserves that honor.

“I don’t know what the odds are, but I know they’re not good,” said Register, who turns 25 in May. “But I have to hold on to the fact that people stick sometimes.”


Anonymous said...

well if last year was a sign of his potential then i say there is a good chance that he will stick

Anonymous said...

Hey I did that article, before you.

Anonymous said...

Stop copying my articles!

BFOX said...

Mike he isnt stealing your articles...It is ridiculus to think anyone would take any of your writing. It doesnt make sense at all so stop being such a douche bag and keep refreshing your own site.

David Rubin & Jonathan Elfenbein said...

Super Johan:

You asked John for help with your site. You asked me for help with your site. John gave you some great advise, which he even posted on your site, and now let me give you some:

Don't EVER accuse someone of "stealing" your article when it doesn't belong to you in the first place. We are all reporting on the news, and the fact is that there are hundreds, nee thousands of Mets-based blogs out there. You are 13, your blog is riddled with errors in language and grammar, and we will STILL help you if you ask...but to think that WE had to steal a story from YOU is pretty laughable...fight battles that are real, please!