February 01, 2008

It's For Real!!!! Santana & Mets Reach Agreement!!

While no exact terms have been released, and a physical still must be completed, the Mets and Johan Santana have agreed on a contract, believed to be for six years (and I have heard up to 8). Terms will be disclosed shortly, as my sources have floated 2 possible sets of terms and I don't want to comment yet because each differs significantly. I do know that, although still a bit nervous, the Mets' entire staff was very confident that Omar would not have made the deal if he wasn't 100% positive that a deal could be done.

I think Jayson Stark of ESPN just said it best, on SportsCenter a few moments ago:

As much as some people think that the Twins were being held hostage in making this deal, you have to think that maybe the Mets were being held hostage just as badly, or worse, as they had no choice but to complete this deal. (I am paraphrasing as I didn't have time to write what he was saying.)

If you think about it, the Mets' knew that they had no choice but to sign Santana; however, while everyone, including many of our SheaNation team, was quick to add Martinez to the deal, Omar held out, proved to be a better poker player than any of us, and got his man. You have to think that he dragged this out as long as he could so that he could, while having a smoking gun pointed right at his forehead, make the best deal possible and get back any concessions from Santana that he could. I'd rate it Omar 2, Omar's Detractors 0!

Now go buy your Santana jersey and wear it proudly!!!!


Anonymous said...

can you say world series?

Anonymous said...

i dont want to jump the gun just yet but World Series here we come

Anonymous said...

where is jimmy rollins now???

Anonymous said...

i cant wait for opening day