February 01, 2008

SI.com's Heyman Reports Contract Status

From Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman, moments ago:

According to sources, the deal is believed to be for $150.75 million total -- $137.25 for six years on top of the $13.25 million for 2008 his Twins contract called for. It is believed about $7 million of the new money will be paid as a signing bonus, bringing Santana's '08 take-home pay to about $20 million.

The main difference I had heard was that the 7th yr (or 6th additional year after 2008) was going to be an option year, as would an 8th yr (or 7th additional year after 2008). Is your head spinning? Cause mine sure is!!!!


Anonymous said...

and it was worth every penny

Anonymous said...

take that zito

Anonymous said...

yeah the money went to someone who actually deserved to be paid that much